Pure Morocco travel
Pure Morocco travel
Pure Morocco travel
Pure Morocco travel


The city of Casablanca is the economic capital of Morocco. Its international airport welcomes the majority of tourists. Located on the Atlantic coast, it has been destroyed several times throughout its history. Most of its current constructions are rather recent. It is therefore not the flagship destination for travelers who want to discover Morocco. However, it deserves a few days to unearth the treasures hidden there, such as the Hassan II Mosque or its small medina.

Home to Morocco's main international airport, Casablanca is the main gateway into the country for many visitors. The country's industrial and economic locomotive, it does not compete with the exotic charms of Marrakech and Fez. There is a European touch to much of its architecture, and the city has a modern air not seen in other parts of the country. Despite everything, you will find some gems to visit in Casablanca. The Medina district is charming and much smaller, and easier to discover than elsewhere. And the colossal Hassan II mosque is unmissable.


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